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When it comes to innovative therapies for treating eye diseases no approach has gained more attention than gene therapy. And rightfully so. The first gene therapy for any eye disease (Luxturna®) was…

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Stem Cells
Stem Cell Therapy to treat Vision Loss

You might have heard about stem cell therapy in the news and wondered how it works or if it could help you or someone you know who is living with vision loss….

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Genetic Testing
Genetic Testing for Inherited Retinal Diseases

Genetic testing for inherited retinal diseases (IRD) has significantly increased in the last decade. Scientists have discovered over 300 genes that cause IRDs. Alongside these developments, genetic testing quality and speed has…

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Everything You Need To Know About Clinical Trials

What is a clinical trial? Clinical trials are experiments that test whether a new intervention, such as a drug, gene therapy, or surgery, will work in people. The main goal of a…

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Five Most Frequently-Asked Vision Science Questions

When can I expect a cure for my eye disease? Let’s start with the big one. As anyone affected by vision loss knows, this is the question. While it would be irresponsible…

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Patient Registry
Patient Registry for Inherited Retinal Diseases

What is the Patient Registry? The Patient Registry is a secure medical database that was designed to connect people living with inherited retinal diseases (IRDs), such as retinitis pigmentosa, Stargardt disease, Usher…

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Argus II
The Bionic Eye

What is a retinal prosthesis? A retinal prosthesis is a non-living electronic substitute for the retina. Popular and brand names for retinal prostheses are the Bionic Eye and the Argus II. The…

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