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Who we are

Fighting Blindness Canada (FBC) is the largest charitable funder of vision research in Canada. Over our 50-year history, FBC has contributed critical funding for the development of sight-saving treatments and cures for…

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Your Impact

Since 1974, Fighting Blindness Canada (FBC) has funded the best, most promising vision research to advance new treatments and cures for blinding eye diseases. This investment means that there are effective treatments…

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Lab Researcher

Message from the President and CEO Board of Directors Scientific Advisory Board Mission Investment Steering Committee

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Impact and Financial Reports

Learn more about the impact of your support through our Annual Impact Reports and Financial Statements.

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Become a National Ambassador

This is your time to share your journey, make an impact, and connect with the vision loss community. YOUR VOICE IS POWERFUL Whether you’re living with vision loss or are closely impacted…

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Image is of women smiling during an interview in an office.

Join Our Team! Fighting Blindness Canada (FBC) is comprised of a high-energy, dedicated team determined to make a difference in the fight against blindness. We are motivated by the profound impact that…

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DNA Strand
Contact Us

Get in touch with our team by telephone or e-mail through our staff directory. Our directory is alphabetized by first name. To reach Fighting Blindness Canada’s Health Information Line, visit the Health…

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