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We know that helpful resources related to your eye disease can be difficult to find. Vision care in Canada entails a complex web of services, programs and instructions, and little of it is centralized. Information shared on this site provides a comprehensive, centralized resource that offers guidance.

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  • Eye Disease Videos: understand more about various eye diseases and vision research
  • View Point Playlist: View Point is FBC’s virtual education series that provides participants the opportunity to learn and connect with eye health experts and vision loss community members. Each View Point webinar is recorded and shared on our YouTube View Point playlist.
  • Retinal Degenerative Diseases: Millions of people in North America live with varying degrees of irreversible vision loss because they have an untreatable degenerative eye disorder, which affects the retina. In these conditions, the delicate layer of tissue that lines the inside back of the eye is damaged affecting its ability to send light signals to the brain. The video below explains the basic premise of retinal eye disease.

If you have eye health related questions, contact our Health Information Line at 1-888-626-2995 or

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