Health Information Line

Getting diagnosed with an eye disease and navigating tests, appointments, and treatments can be confusing and complicated. Fighting Blindness Canada’s (FBC) Health Information Line is here to answer your eye health-related questions.

We answer questions about many topics, including:

  • Disease information
  • Genetic testing
  • Research updates
  • Current clinical trials
  • Patient registry information
  • Treatment information
  • How to find a doctor

Our Health Information Line provides information and resources to help you advocate for your health, and if there’s a question we can’t answer, we will help you find someone who can.

We are not medical professionals and cannot provide medical advice or recommend treatments or doctors.

To connect with the Health Information Line, fill out the form below. If you are having trouble with this form, email or call 1.888.626.2995.


Please note: at this time we can provide information about eye health resources in Canada only. To find an organization in your country to answer your eye health questions, please go to


  • Keep a health journal about your eye health or concerns you have. Mark your symptoms on a daily calendar, write your questions, and keep important phone numbers all in one place.
  • Keep track of any symptoms or questions you want to ask your doctor.
  • When you visit your doctor, take the time to ask all your questions.
  • Have your notes with you at appointments and refer and add to them during your appointment.
  • If possible, bring someone with you to the appointment who can help take notes.
  • Do not feel embarrassed if you do not understand something your doctor has said. Ask them to clarify.

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