May 7, 2019

FBC Celebrates Vision Health Month

Advertisement for the WhyEyeCare campaign. An iris surrounded by a heart stands over the text "Why Eye Care: May is vision halth month. 1 share = $1 for Fighting Blindness Canada". In the background are small images of friends and families, overlaid with turquoise..

May is Vision Health Month! Did you know that three out of four cases of vision loss are preventable—but only if they’re treated early? That’s why Fighting Blindness Canada is partnering with Bausch + Lomb Canada to raise awareness about vision loss and encourage Canadians to schedule regular comprehensive eye exams.

Over the month of May, Bausch + Lomb Canada will donate $1 to FBC for every time a post tagged #WhyEyeCare is shared on social media channels. We encourage you to share #WhyEyeCare posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram over the month of May, and participate in the conversation about the importance of proactive vision care.

To learn more, visit – and share your #WhyEyeCare posts on your social networks!

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