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Vision Quest

DNA Genes
How Long Does It Take to Develop a New Therapy for a Blinding Eye Disease?

This is a tough question to answer, but one thing is for certain: you are bound to get a different answer, depending on who you ask. This question—and the answers to it—are…

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FBC Collage
Stephanie Kowal on Ethical Communications

What do you want to know about clinical trials for your children? Clinical trials for gene and stem cell therapies for genetic eye diseases are underway. If these early phase trials are…

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Andras Nagy
One Step Closer To A “Smart” Stem Cell Therapy

Today, there are no approved stem-cell treatments for blinding eye diseases. Dr. Andras Nagy’s research is trying to solve this problem by developing a safe and “smart” stem-cell therapy. To do this,…

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Young Leaders Attendees
2016 National Young Leaders Summit: Call for Applications

What is the Foundation Fighting Blindness National Young Leaders Program? In 2015, the Foundation Fighting Blindness (FFB) launched the National Young Leaders Program. The goal of this program is to build a…

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Vision Quest Panel 2015
Turning Vision Research Into Therapies (Audio)

How can we “translate” vision science discoveries into new sight-saving treatments? In Canada, we are fortunate that top thinkers across the country are working on this question. Finding answers requires contributions from…

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Sean Jmaeff
Teaching Scientists About the Research that Matters Most To You

People with vision loss are changing how scientists think about their research. This is one of the main reasons why we hold our annual conference: Vision Quest. Yes, Vision Quest is about bringing…

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