Nov 11, 2019

Celebre Family Raises $14,000 for Vision Research!

Earlier in October, the Celebre family invited 200 friends and family members for a night of fun and fundraising on behalf of Fighting Blindness Canada!

The event, called A Night for Nick, has become a two-year tradition for Jen and Steve Celebre, whose son Nicholas was born with Usher syndrome, a condition that causes deaf-blindness. Now three years old, Nicholas has cochlear implants to help him hear, but he will likely lose his vision, as retinitis pigmentosa (RP) affects people living with Usher syndrome.

But there’s hope. Vision research is leading to treatments and cures for many diseases, and Usher syndrome is a high priority for many researchers. Indeed, research has already delivered exciting results for Nicholas: thanks to his cochlear implants, he was able to thank everyone for coming and recite the ABCs!

Vision research is moving in exciting directions, and FBC funded researcher Dr. Robert Koenekoop is currently conducting a clinical trial at the Montreal Children’s Hospital for people living with USH2A. To learn more about this trial or to inquire about eligibility, contact FBC’s Health Information Officer.

“Vision research is an exciting field – new things are happening every day,” said Steve, Nicholas’s dad. “If we all keep supporting it, we’re going to get somewhere.”

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