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From Bench to Bedside and Back Again: ARVO Comes to Canada

The phrase “from the bench to the bedside” is often used to describe the path to new medical treatments, beginning with a discovery at the laboratory “bench” and finishing when patients can…

Gene Therapies for Blinding Eye Diseases

Clinical Updates and Access for Canadian Patients Now that gene therapy is a reality, there is tremendous growth in the world of gene therapies for blinding eye diseases! What is a gene…

“Gene Therapy Has Arrived!”

Canada’s first ocular gene therapy clinical trial was led by Dr. Ian MacDonald. The FBC was proud to be one of the funders who made this trial possible – as Dr. MacDonald…


overview Choroideremia is a rare genetic disorder that causes vision loss and leads to eventual blindness in all cases, usually over the course of several decades. The disease involves a mutation in…

New Video and Podcast Detailing the FBC Patient Registry

At a recent Vision Quest event in Toronto focused on inherited retinal diseases, four clinician-scientists sat down to discuss FBC’s Patient Registry. In the video linked below (also provided in podcast format),…

Top 10: Vision Quest 2016

“Discover Your Path” was the theme of FBC’s Vision Quest educational events in 2016. We visited four Canadian cities, hosted seven different events, and got to meet more than 750 attendees, clinicians,…

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