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Mission Investment Steering Committee

FBC’s Mission Investment Steering Committee (MISC) provides state-of-the-art investment management and advisory services that ensure all the funding FBC allocates to vision research projects achieve their goals on an ongoing basis. Comprised of leading advisers with expertise in translational research, commercialization, intellectual property, and venture capital investing, the MISC works alongside the Scientific Advisory Board to provide FBC’s Board of Directors with insights that enable it to maximize the organization’s research impact and direct fundraising revenues into research projects that have the greatest potential to impact new treatments for blinding eye diseases.

Tara James – Chair of the Mission Investment Steering Committee

Andrew Burke – Chair of the FBC Board

Michel Cayouette – Chair of the FBC Scientific Advisory Board

George Sheen – FBC Board Member

Elise Héon – FBC Policy Advisor

Stephen Rose – FBC Policy Advisor

Frank Gleeson – FBC Policy Advisor

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