Sep 15, 2015

Building Better Vision Care Pathways

Three Researchers

Vision health is so important, yet we know how difficult it is to find answers to your vision questions. Who should you ask, where, when and how? Should you see a retinal specialist, a general ophthalmologist, an optometrist, an optician, or someone else? What will be covered by your health care insurance? What community supports are available?

In his role as an educator of the next generation of eye doctors, Dr. Alain Proulx is an expert in answering these challenging vision health questions. Dr. Proulx’s passion for education led him to pursue a graduate degree in medical education; every day, he is thinking about what eye doctors need to know so that they can become the best partners in care. We are so thankful that he is the Chair of our London Vision Quest educational conference, which is taking place on Saturday, September 26th at the London Public Library.

At Vision Quest, Dr. Proulx will lead a session titled “Finding Your Best Vision Care Pathway.” During the session he will answer key questions about how to navigate the complicated, but incredibly rich vision care opportunities that are available today. Do you have questions for Dr. Proulx? Please send your vision health questions to us here at Fighting Blindness Canada. We know that you need better tools to answer your questions, so we are embarking on a new educational initiative: The Vision Care Pathways Project, which puts your questions at the center.

The end goal of the Vision Care Pathways project is to create gold standard educational resources that can be “prescribed” by doctors to their patients (but also publicly accessible, i.e., no prescription needed). Before we can build these resources, we first need to know your most important and challenging questions. Throughout our Vision Quest educational series this fall—in London, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver—we will do our best to answer your questions, and also collect your questions to be sure that you can develop better educational tools. If you are not able to attend Vision Quest this year, please send us your questions and ideas about vision health today!

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