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Nov 16, 2018

FBC Canada’s #More2It Campaign

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For more than four decades, Fighting Blindness Canada (FBC) has proudly led the fight in Canada to find cures for inherited retinal diseases and other forms of vision loss.

Over the years, we have worked with thousands of families to not only raise funds for critical vision research, but also create a welcoming community of support as patients and families face the challenges of a diagnosis. Through our work we have learned that there is more to going blind than losing your vision, more to research than science, and more to FBC than restoring sight.

That is why we launched our #More2It awareness campaign. Running to the end of 2018, the campaign:

1)  Draws attention to issues that impact people who are affected by vision loss, including social stigma, depression, lack of employment opportunities, and more.

2) Encourages people living with low vision and blindness to engage with FBC community to learn more about their eye diseases and the resources that are available to them.

3) Provides a platform for educating the public about FBC, the research we advance, and other services the organization provides to the vision loss community.

“This is the first campaign of this magnitude that we have launched and we really hope our community will get involved,” says Sharon Colle, President & CEO of FBC. “We encourage everyone who is affected by vision loss—individuals, family, and friends—to share their stories online with #More2It so that we can broaden the conversation about blinding eye diseases and the true impact they have on people.”

Research discoveries, individual stories, and new programs and services will be shared online through our Facebook pageYoutube channelWebsite, and e-newsletters.

AND now there’s also more to your donation because a generous donor is going to double it up to a total of $40,000! Your donation will to do more and have a bigger impact on people’s lives.


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