Dr. Peter Kertes
Dr. Peter Kertes: A Personal and Professional Crusade Against Blindness

For esteemed ophthalmologist Dr. Peter Kertes, it’s both personal and professional. Dr. Kertes believes there’s more hope than ever before for people living with blinding eye diseases — and this is why…

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Dr. Ian MacDonald
Dr. Ian Macdonald: Clinical Genetics Pioneer And Patient Champion

Dr. Ian MacDonald’s illustrious career began when, as a trainee in clinical genetics he had the opportunity to work on a project funded by Fighting Blindness Canada (FBC).

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Dr. Sachdev Sidhu
Dr. Sachdev Sidhu: Restoring the Blood Retinal Barrier Clinical Trial

The blood-retinal barrier is important for proper retinal function and can be disturbed in eye diseases like AMD and diabetic retinopathy (DR) leading to vision loss. Dr. Sidhu has developed a new…

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