Complaints Policy


The Purpose of this policy is to outline guidelines and procedures for handling complaints from externalstakeholders (i.e. donors, prospective donors, event participants, and sponsors). The goal is to ensure the highest levels of stakeholder satisfaction and uphold the brand promise of Fighting Blindness Canada through prompt and timely resolution of complaints.

Definition: A complaint is an expression of discontent, regret, or resentment about Fighting Blindness Canada staff members and volunteers’ actions, service, or the lack thereof.

The Proper Mindset and Attitude towards Complaints

  • Since only a fraction of unhappy customers take the effort to let us know, complaints, as trivial as some of them may seem, could suggest a bigger problem and offer lessons for improving our organization.
  • Each complaint offers an opportunity to improve loyalty. Those who make the effort to tell us about their discontent are also more likely to share their experiences when their complaints are resolved to their satisfaction.

Guiding Principles

With the above mindset, the following are the principles that guide our actions when handling a complaint.

  • Complaints are to be dealt with promptly, respectfully, and professionally, regardless of the form in which the complaint comes.
  • The person(s) handling the complaint shall be fair and impartial. Most importantly, they should seek to understand the cause of the complaint from the complainant’s perspective.
  • Empathize but do not get emotionally attached. Focus on the issues involved, not people.
  • Notify the complainant of the timeframe required for investigation and resolution, and keep him/her informed throughout the process.
  • Depending on the complexity and severity, some complaints can be resolved immediately, while some will require investigation. Regardless, all complaints shall be investigated within five (5) business days of receipt and resolved within ten (10) business days of receipt. If more time is needed pending inputs from other parties involved, the complainant shall be kept informed.
  • Complaints requiring investigation shall be documented using the Complaint Documentation Form in the back of this policy.

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