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The natural process of cell death that occurs in the body. Part of the natural life cycle, apoptosis is a regulated process that happens throughout the body all the time (billions per day).


Aniridia is a condition where the iris is partially or completely missing. This condition is usually present at birth (congenital). Aniridia may cause a number of symptoms, such as rapid eye movements, lazy eye, and enlarged eyeball.


A medical test that looks at blood vessels in the body. This test helps doctors see how well blood is flowing through the vessels. Using something called a contrast, this test is conducted in a similar way to an x-ray. The most common angiography used for the eye is called “fluroscein angiography,” which looks at the tiny blood vessels at the back of the eye.


A condition where the brain and the eye do not work well together. Also called “lazy eye,” this condition results in poor vision in the affected eye.

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