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Vision Health Research Network

Vision Health Research Network (VHRN), Montréal, Québec, brings together nearly 135 principal investigators (scientists and physicians) and 200 graduate students, residents, and postdoctoral trainees who are affiliated to more than a dozen basic science departments from universities across the province, which cover all areas of vision health (retina and posterior segment, cornea and anterior segment, brain and perception, visual impairment and rehabilitation). The Network provides funds for collaborative research projects (national and international), state-of-the-art infrastructures and tissue banks, studentship and fellowships, and for the organization of an annual meeting and symposiums. The scientific discoveries of the members of the VHRN have led to great advances in the understanding of normal and pathological visual function, the development of better therapeutic strategies, the early diagnosis of diseases of the eye and the brain, visual training, rehabilitation, and in the field of visual implants.

Dr Robert Koenekoop, clinician-scientist, Paediatric Ophthalmologist, McGill University, has been awarded a VHRN Common Infrastructure award related to inherited retinal diseases (IRDs) titled “Patient Registry for IRDs” in partnership with Fighting Blindness Canada (FBC). The registry is a useful tool to facilitate research on the natural history of inherited retinal dystrophies.

Learn more about joining FBC’s IRD Patient Registry.

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